Getting a Gecko Tattoo?…

5 Things to Consider First

Some things to consider before getting an Gecko tattoo. Before you decide to get an gecko tattoo maybe you should first reflect upon the implications. Here are some factors to think about when you want a gecko tattoo:

1) Symbolism – gecko tattoos and other types of lizard tattoos usually symbolize the human soul seeking light. However, there are other meanings associated with this type of tattoo. Before getting an gecko tattoo, you should be sure you know what it means and you should try to find a definition that you like.

Gecko tattoos are painful to get and painful to have removed. You should try to make it worth the while and attempt to find a gecko or iguana tattoo that represents something meaningful to you. Don’t forget that all symbols mean different things to different people. Your definition of a great gecko tattoo is not necessarily the same as your friends. Understanding this, you should realize that your opinion is the only one that really counts.

2) Identification – some people can’t find a certain meaning for geckos that they like. However, you can still get an gecko tattoo, especially if you really like them. Do you have any unique lizard characteristics?  And certainly, this doesn’t mean you resemble a lizard.

By recognizing the various features of gecko lizards, this means you should do more research on them. Do you identify with being a survivor? If so, perhaps you need an gecko tattoo. Gecko are very much survivors because they can live in the desert even when other lizards have passed out because of the high temperatures.

3) Interests – some folks wear gecko tattoos simply because gecko are really  interesting to them. A lot of people with gecko tattoos have the lizards for pets or want to get one eventually. Other  people consider geckos to be their favorite animal and can have many reasons to think so. In essence, they really like geckos.

4) Artistry – once you have made your decision to get an gecko tattoo, its time to figure out what kind of design you want. You can choose something simple and less painful that you create. Or you can decide upon an elaborate tattoo design with lots of color that will  surprise everyone who sees the tattoo.

Today people can get online tattoo designs on the Internet and then take a printed copy of the design to their own tattoo shop. When you’re getting a tattoo, make sure you know of a good shop to get it done. It is extremely important to choose a place that has a good health record. Try talking to different people for recommendations on the best place to get your gecko tattoo. Visit the shop and ask to see samples of the artist’s work. There are plenty of tattoo shops available, so look around before you buy.

5) Placement – gecko tattoo placement is very important. Most desirable is putting  them on areas so that muscle flexing creates movement of the animal. This gives the tattoo an alive look when the muscles move. Teens often put their first tattoo in an out of the way spot, so their parents can’t see it.

In conclusion getting a tattoo, whether it is an gecko or something else, is a very big  step. Make sure you do plenty of research about your tattoo’s characters to learn its symbolism. Search for and find a design you really like and identify with before going any farther. Also look for a shop with good health practices and good artists. Take time to decide the best placement for your tattoo to make the most of the design. Getting a tattoo is a neat experience and it lasts a long time…don’t rush it!

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